Fall Cleaning

With the official start of Fall on September 22 it is time to start thinking about some Fall cleaning. Summer break means not only time away from home on vacations but also time away from house cleaning. Also with the holidays just around the corner now is the time to get things in order.

Take stock of items needed for cleaning and replace necessary products before you begin. Store cleaning supplies and products out of reach of children and pets. You might want to consider keeping products handy in bathrooms or on different floors of the house for ease of convenience.

Go beyond ordinary surfaces and reach for some high dusting to get rid of cobwebs that have built up in the corners, dust down walls and move left to right, starting from the top and working towards the bottom, so as not to miss any areas. Wipe down woodwork, doors, door casings, front of cabinets, window sills.

This is a good time to thoroughly clean the kitchen in preparation for the upcoming holidays. First start with the refrigerator discarding any old food. Then start with each shelf removing items and then the shelf. Clean properly the inside and each rack before replacing. After cleaning all interior surfaces wipe down the outside and vacuum coils or dust them and polish up the stainless steel if applicable. Inside the oven should be cleaned if self cleaning use the cycle and then wipe out. If not self cleaning use wet pumice stone and oven cleaner to loosen debris.

Interior windows should be cleaned, remove drapes and run through dryer or have professionally cleaned. Launder mattress covers, duvets, blankets, throws, slipcovers, and bed skirts.

Vacuum upholstery and underneath seat cushions have rugs/carpet cleaned professionally.

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